Living your possibilities


Living your possibilities

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Norman Vincent Peale

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Stumbling along in my daily life – it occurred to me that I was no longer as excited about the journey as I once had been, maybe the monotony of the “daily grind”, where, “lather, rinse and repeat and repeat again” was no longer working for me. Perhaps the recognition of this, was the impetus to find something that would…

Through a series of fortunate and some not so fortunate events, I was able to rediscover some familiar old ideas and explore a number of new ones, ones that opened up the possibilities for passion, knowledge and harmony for me again. It’s transforming my life and allowing me to begin a new journey, in the directions I can consciously choose, without fear, anxiety, blame or history…

One extension of this trek, is this website – where hopefully others can be inspired to find their possibilities and pursue their dreams ~

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